I got my bottom right molar extracted thursday, march 5th. i had a curved root and it took the dentist over an hour to pull it. i bled nonstop for 11 hours (i was 4 pm last appointment of the day, they closed at 5)by the next day i had a huge ball in my cheek, i went back, he said it was infected and a dry socket. he cleaned it which made me bleed and sent me home (this was a friday) I had a horrible weekend. only sleeping 4 hours a night. in the most pain i have been in in my life, including childbirth. i have an incredibly high pain tolerance, i have rsd in my left foot and chronic migraines. he wouldnt pack it like i asked, by monday i hadnt eaten but 2 cups of soup, i begged him, he packed it and by tuesday middle of the night it fell out, i went back wednesday to ask for more packing, he said that was last time. im in such severe pain, ive only eaten 5 cups of soup since he pulled it. iam barely able to eat, or sleep, i have food stuck in hole right now, i tried gently using my rinse, it wont  come out. i tried softly twisting a q tip in top of it, got some of the food but i made myself bleed! what do i do???? he told me wednesday he will not pack it again but said i have another 4 weeks of healing time left! i have 4 children and no time for this. what do i do?

Beth - I hate to be this way in responding to people who have been through so much, but your problem sounds like it is the dentist.  It is obvious that the dentist is not a surgeon.  If he was, he would have known that keeping the area clean by irrigating the wound, by him if necessary is important.  

The fact that you had a huge ball the next day does not usually indicates an infection but a traumatically induced collection of blood in the cheek.  Antibiotics were very important to prevent the accumulated blood to actually become infected. It is rather unusual to have a dry socket and infection within one day of the traumatic extraction.  If the area is actually a dry socket, he should be seeing you every day or every other day to change the packing and irrigate the wound until it is healed.  The dentist was wrong to limit the number of packings.  Sometimes it can take a couple of weeks of packing to insure healing.  

Again, I hate to say this, but this dentist is wrong in his evaluation and you need to definitely need to see a skilled surgeon to properly evaluate the area.  You need to make an appointment with a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  I know seeing another doctor might be a lot of work, but it is important to have a board certified surgeon evaluate the actual cause of your problems.  Do not wait.  It is already past 10 days and a better handle on the situation is necessary.

If for some reason you are not familiar with an appropriate surgeon, you can get back to me, tell me where you live and I will send you names of appropriate doctors.  You have been through too much and your doctor is not sympathetic or acting professionally.  


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