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Dentistry/Pain on Right side of palate in cavity


QUESTION: Hi Dr. Teig,

I have been having a problematic area in my mouth that has been causing me much pain for a year. I found an article that describes exactly the same problem i'm having. I've seen all types of doctors, dentist, and oral surgeons. I ran across an article from 2/15/2010 regarding palatine gland blockage and I'm experiencing the same problems as this person was or is. My symptoms have gotten a lot worse and still no diagnosis. I have pain in the top right palate above the gum line in the cavity. It feels like a little small lump that goes away and comes back but I can't really determiner what it is. I've had two teeth removed which did not solve the problem. I have pain that goes up to my right side of my nose/nostril, which feels like pressure pain, almost like something is filling up with air and then goes away. I get pain under my eye by my cheek near the where the palate pain is coming from and now this area is swollen. I now get pain under my tongue, chin, and side of face by ear. I have plenty of pictures and documentation. I've had CT's and X-Rays which do not show any mass growing. Can these CT's and X-Ray scans be missing the problematic area? What test or scans can be taken to show any obstructions, blockages, or problems with the structures in that area? Please let me know what you think and what I should do?

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ANSWER: Adrian - it is a little difficult for me to tell you what is occurring.  With what you have been through, it I think the best course of action is to have a major medical center evaluate you.  From your symptoms and the difficulty of the doctors who have examined you at arriving at a diagnosis, I think that a major medical center is the best course of action.  Your symptoms definitely sound like a sinus related problem, but again without an examination it is difficult for me to give you an answer.

I see that you are in Maryland and in that area there are a number of excellent medical centers.  If you could get back to me and tell me where in Maryland you live, I will try to give you names of appropriate medical facilities near you.

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Facial Swelling
Facial Swelling  
QUESTION: Thank You for reply back. I live in Baltimore, MD and been bounced around. I have attached a few pictures for you to look at. Let me know what you think and where to go from here.

Adrian - In Baltimore, the University of Maryland has a department of oral and maxillofacial surgery. The doctor who heads the program is surgeon who is very knowledgeable.  The doctor is, Dr. Robert Ord.
Call (410)706-7060 and ask to be evaluated by Dr. Ord.  Since this is a residency program, the staff will usually have you examined by a resident first, but say that you want to be examined by Dr. Ord initially.  

I wish you well and hope they can help you.


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