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I had two root canal procedures on 2 upper molars. On the orthopantomogram you can see that root filling material is beyond the apex of the roots of both teeth.
How would you evaluate this endodontic work?
As I know it's unacceptable when root filling material (guttapercha I assume) pushed beyond apex. On the image, It looks to me, guttapercha is way out of the tips of the roots.
I've cut a relevant part of the orthopantomogram to attache it here.
Thank you.

Hi Pavel,

Thank you including the helps a lot! Actually, the root canals look very good. What you are seeing at the end of the roots is actually the cement used to seal the canals, not the gutta percha. Depending on the type of cement used, that little "puff" of sealer may very well resorb and will not appear on future x-rays. In some schools here in the US, this technique is actually taught. It is the belief that if there isn't a little "puff" at the end of the root, not all the root canal has been cleaned and also not filled completely. Personally, I don't practice that way, but I also often see a little sealer out the end of the tooth after I fill a canal. The long term success is not compromised at all if this happens. You should be just fine.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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