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Dr. Tieg, My denture specialist(Prosth.)  wants to place two short implants in the mandible and make my cast metal partial, so it will snap on to them. Since he is not on my insurance he is referring me to an oral surgeon in my area that does them.. He has  taken a CT x-ray two years ago. I have read, too many bad things about them, that they could fracture my jawbone, and also if I ever got an infection, they would take more bone out if they had to be removed. I would much better have 4 mini implants placed and if one got loose, it could easily be replaced. Also, their is the cost of short one's. What is your opinion please? Thanks

Brenda -  Let me first say that I am not a proponent of the short implants.  They are more prone to developing problems secondary to the normal wearing of the partial, versus a regular size implant in that area.  I have never placed one and don't actually know the cost, but because the placement of these mini-implants is much simpler, the cost should definitely be less.

A regular size implant, if placed properly could almost last forever, and I have heard of a less predictable length of the life of the minis.  Talk to the surgeon and see what he thinks is best for you. The surgeon is more knowledgeable about implants.


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