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Dentistry/Chipped tooth or not?


I was recently eating today and found either a bone or tooth when I was eating. I have felt around in my mouth and can't find any noticing missing pieces, I don't feel any pain nor when I eat hot or cold things. I can't feel anything when I move my tongue around including anything sharp that would indicate a chipped tooth. I also have my wisdom teeth poking through and I was wondering if a piece could of came from them even though they will be removed soon. Any help would be appreciated!

I have seen this happen many times over my career. People come in with something that looks like a piece of tooth. India complete, thorough exam and see nothing missing. It could be something in the food.  It could be a piece of tartar that chipped off (if you form heavy tartar deposits, look into that). Go into your dentist and get a quick exam to check everything out. Good luck

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