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My dad 80 years old and very fiscally conservative New Englander. He's avoided dental treatment and now it's to where treatment is almost unavoidable. Yet he thinks the cost is crazy and he's still doing everything he can to avoid it. My question on his behalf: Is the $40,000 they are estimating for the work below reasonable/to be expected? And might there be less invasive methods - like epoxies or who know what - that might be less perfect solutions but more satisfying to his pocket book? Thanks!

After reviewing your x-rays and examining your mouth, we found that most of your upper teeth

have cavities.  Those cavities are below the gum line on crowned teeth, making them impossible to fix with fillings.

Treatment Option 1 implant supported fixed bridges

This option will replace most of your upper teeth with implant supported crowns.  An implant has three parts the fake root called the implant, the crown, and the part that attaches them, called the abutment.

In this option, at least six implants will be used to support three bridges for a total of twelve crowns.  An interim partial denture will be used while the implants are healing.  

To outline the process:

1. Have a consult with Dr. A. for extractions and implant placements.

2. Have an interim partial denture made.

3. Cut bridges, and extract 6 teeth and place bone grafts where needed.

4. Deliver interim partial denture, allow healing for 3 months.  

5. Have implants placed, allow healing for 3 months.

6. Take impression for implants, allow one month for fabrication.

7. Deliver implant supported bridges.

The approximate cost of this option is: $40,000

If the teeth are hopeless as you describe . There are other less costly options available . Look into a full denture With animmediate denture followed by the final denture . Another option would be an overdenture supported by 4 implants.both of these options are viable and much less costly.


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