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Cracked Molar
My dentist says that I have a cracked molar.   The tooth hurts when I chew on certain foods, but the pain goes away  immediately.  The tooth is sensitive to hot and cold, but the pain goes away immediately.  
Question:  My dentist suggests that I have a crown placed on the tooth.  Even though the tooth has a deep mercury filling, he believes that he could refill the tooth and it would most likely not need a root canal.   He says that only if the tooth hurts after placing a temporary crown would a root canal be necessary.  My concern is that I have several crowns already, and everyone was preceded by a root canal.   If my dentist succeeds in refilling the tooth and fitting a permanent crown, is it likely that the tooth would need a root canal in the future?  If so, the new crown would have to be removed at additional cost.  Would it be best for me to have a root canal first, before getting a crown? I appreciate your advice.

this is very common situation. we see it often. people crack a tooth but the piece does not break off. this causes chewing and cold pain...but only then things hit the crack. you get a zing and it is over with right away. the treatment for these is a crown. the crown will cover the crack and hold the pieces together. the pain generally stops right away.

every tooth with a root canal needs a crown. a tooth gets very brittle after a root canal is done so a crown in needed to protect it. every tooth with a crown does not need a root canal. crowns are done because of cracks, large fillings, etc. a root canal is done only when the nerve is dying or has died.

you can do the crown now. most likely your pain will stop and you should not need a root canal. if it ends up needing a root canal, you can cut a small hole in the top of the crown and do the root canal through that hole. we then just put a filling in the hole and you do not need a new crown. it is fine at that point.

i hope this helps.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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