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QUESTION: I went to the dentist three whole days ago, I had a shot to numb my left upper mouth for a filling. I am worried because I am no longer numb but my gum is still a little sore and my dimple is not visible!!  will I ever get my dimple back??

ANSWER: Amanda -  I'd like to answer your question, but first, if you could please, tell me where the dimple was.  I also need to know if the filling to be done in towards the front, middle or back on that left upper side.  These questions will better help me answer your questions.  So please get back to me with the information I need.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My dimple is on my left side in the middle pf my cheek and the filling I got was on a tooth toward the back #14 to be exact, its a molar, the dentist gave me a shot in the back of my mouth and then two more around the tooth, I believe he used lidocaine and maybe septocaine.

Amanda -  Of course, without examining you I can't be completely sure, but it sounds like the dentist. when he gave you and injection allowed some fluid to drain into your cheek area.  Usually, the injection would be contained in a small area above the tooth, but the dentist allowed some fluid to drain.  This is not a problem and should be resolved in a short time.  A quicker way to resolve it is to begin warm salt water rinses in the cheek area.  Do not place anything, warm or cold to the outside of your cheek.

This should be nothing to worry about and should resolve quickly.  If not then you will need to see a specialist, but I don't think that will be necessary.  I wish you well and hope the area is better soon.


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