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Background:  For the last several months I have had problems with my sinuses.  Mostly post nasal drip with ears itching.  I went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection.  I was told my ear drums looked fine and since my only symptoms were post nasal drip, ears itching, and sore throat due to the post nasal drip, a 10 day course of antibiotics was the recommended protocol.  I've taken the full course of antibiotics and nothing has changed.

Problem:  Semi-regularly I get a weird swirling sensation in a tooth.  It's not really a tooth ache, more of an immediate strange sensation that comes on quickly and goes quickly.  It is very intense but doesn't last long.  Sometimes the tooth will be sensitive for a few minutes after the swirling sensation leaves.  It is in different teeth, all on the top.  

My teeth don't hurt to brush or when I eat something hot/cold (except occasionally for a few minutes after the initial sensation).  My teeth don't hurt to tap on them.  The sensation will wake me from sleep.  If I sit up, after a few minutes my sinuses will drain down the back of my throat and I'll feel fine - until it happens again.

I assume this is a sinus issue, as I never have the problem unless my sinuses are bothering me.  I can go weeks without any issues, then my sinuses start to bother me, then my teeth start to bother me again.  It is much more intense at night.  It is almost always when I lay down.  Some nights it is nominal.  Some nights (like tonight) it is intense and worrying.  I don't feel like I need pain medication, as the discomfort lasts only a short time and is inconsistent, but it is keeping me awake at night (more from worry than from pain).  About an hour ago the sensation woke me up.  I sat up.  Within a minute or two it was gone.  Hasn't come back.

I don't have the funds to go to the dentist right now. Every dentist I've been to finds several thousand dollars of work that has to be done, once done, the dentist proclaims my mouth to be healthy, then the next checkup I have several thousand more dollars of work that needs to be done.  Most of my teeth are crowns, I have a dental implant, I have had deep plaining done (only to be told three months later that we should do it again).  I feel like they see me coming.  At this point if I went in and they said I needed extensive work done - I'd just give up and have all my teeth pulled.

I appreciate any insight you can give me.

Thank you.

If it is dental related the only way to solve your problem is to get diagnosed properly. If there are dental issues that need to be resolved this has to take place in order to rule out a dental origin to your discomfort.You need a general dentist to marshall your case and refer you to the appropriate specialists in a a coordinated effort to solve your problem. Unfortunately there are no short cuts that can achieve a favorable result. Hope this helps.


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