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Sorry this is a long question:
I had a temporary crown put in four days ago due to a big cavity (the cavity had gotten under a previous filling). No root canal was needed. The dentist used a ton (5-7) of shots of novocain (or whatever numbing agent they now use)  I have a few of issues that have resulted. However, I am able to function normally and these issues do not impact my day to day life. Most of the time, especially when occupied by things like TV, work etc. I don't even know the temporary crown is there).

1) My cheek is still a little sore (not painful just a little tender) and swollen. The swelling has decreased a bit in the past few days as has the tenderness. But I also have a small bruise just above my jaw.

2) I have some slight, intermittent sensitivity with the crown. Not exclusive to hot or cold but again, not painful and not all the time

3) I have what seems like a hard canker sore high on the gum line above the crown. Hot salt water rinses seem to help. It's a little sensitive but not too painful.

4) I have pain when I chew on that side. It doesn't last long and does not happen if I bite my teeth or close my mouth without any food, but it does happen if I push on the crown with pressure. The pain itself lasts only a few seconds but there is some lingering sensitivity that lasts for longer.

My dentist is not open until Monday and I was hoping to get some insight into what the problem may be especially if I have to mentally prepare myself for the possibility of a root canal and the time that will require me to take off work (especially because I had to take off last week for the temp crown and work with clients who I have to rearrange when I call out).


I'm so sorry for the delay. I was out of town and forgot to update my settings.

In regards to your question;

What you are describing sounds about normal.
The tenderness in the cheek and the canker sore are most likely localized reactions to the local anesthetic. The more anesthetic administered, the more the gums/cheek will be inflammed.

Temporary crowns are never 100% perfect. It is common for them to be somewhat sensitive to eating on, especially if it is hard food. Usually this resolves over time or should be fixed by the time you get the permanent crown.

From what you described, I do not think you need a root canal at this time! :)

Let me know if you need anything further!


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