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Dr. Tieg, I hope you can help me with this problem. My upper denture  had voids behind the front teeth when it was made 7 years ago, because the impression material had bubbles in it the dentist said and it might have voids, but no cause for alarm. Years later I moved out of town and told my new dentist of all the pain because it was too thin, so I got a reline two years ago. Well, that lasted 6 months, so last year  a different dentist said you need a rebase, but I do no use a lab just one guy. Well he must of just gave me a reline, because this also had the smiley face markings on it, and I don not think it should of had that if it was a rebase. Now. I am still in pain, so what should I do? Demand a new dentist to make sure I get a rebase? Everyone of the former dentist said the teeth are good and I do no new one. Thank You

Donna -  this is a difficult question for me to answer without seeing how the denture fits in your mouth.  With the problems you have gone through, I think the best solution is to see a different dentist for an evaluation and a rebase.  

I'm sorry I can't give you more details, but I would have to see the denture and how it sits in your mouth for a definite solution.  So ask around and see a dentist recommended by people you know.


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