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Dr. Tieg, My dentist said I have receding bone behind my upper maxilla area from long time denture wearing, He said My ridge of bone is still hard to hold on to the denture. He seen no irritation or gum problems, just atrophy on the right side. He cannot reline or rebase it because it wouldn't work. He said I need to go to an oral surgeon and have a CT scan.  I can not get in the office until early June for an appointment. Also, he said I would need to have that area filled in with bone, before I could get the reline. Does that mean I would later have to have and implant placed after the allograft bone, Does that mean because the added bone will eventually melt away? Thanks

JoAnn - this is a tough question for me to answer without examining you.  If excessive bone has worn away from an ill fitting denture, then a bone graft and implant is the technique that is recommended these days.  The CT scan will tell the surgeon where the implants can be placed and what areas specifically need a bone graft.  

So I think the plan these doctors are coming up with is for a graft followed with implants.  Is that wrong? Probably not, but it will require quite a bit of time before this whole reconstruction is complete.  Second, this will probably be expensive.  I am not saying this approach is wrong, but you need to be aware of the plan and the costs before you commit.  You need to ask the doctors put down on a piece of paper their plans.  Also they need to tell you options.  There is not only one technique so they need to let you know all the approaches possible.  

I wish you well and hope the final treatment is best for you.  If you wish, after they review and give you options, you can get back to me and I'll try to help you make appropriate decisions.


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