QUESTION: hi sir..
i am a general dentist....
i frequently fail to achieve anesthesia...during root canal...for that reason i place pulp x or formocresol as devitalizing work for some in 2 days of recall and recently i have to do this thrice...i try local anesthesia with 2% xylocaine but failed.. sometime i repeat application for chamber pulp and canal pulp...where can be mistake...what can be done...

ANSWER: You can also use intraligament anesthesia or interossious. In interossious you make a small porthole in the buccal bone and inject the anesthetic directly to the root apex.

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QUESTION: hello sir,
my intraligamentry failed too....
intraosseous is similar to supraperiosteal?..

No sir, the inter osseous is not the same as supraperiosteal because you actually penetrate the buccal bone to expose the root tip.  Then the anesthetic is injected directly to the apex.  On a lower molar usually the mesial root is all that is needed but sometimes both.  I hope this helps you.


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