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Earlier today I had a silver filling replaced on tooth #14 with a two-surface (MO) silver filling, because there was new decay.  The decay turned out to be extensive, but not near the pulp (rather, on the front of the tooth, it went down all the way to the gumline).  The dentist put dycal and then a new silver filling on it.  He cautioned me that even though he didn't go near the pulp, because it was a large filling, I may end up needing a root canal, and gave me the name of an endodontist to call if I start having bad pains.

Now, a few hours later, it feels more sensitive than I've usually felt after dental work.  There is a slight general soreness (I realize that part of it may be that the gum is tender since he had to drill right up against the gum), but also, when I press on top of the filling and then release, I feel a very brief stinging pain.

I had the following questions:

1.  At what point should I see an endodontist - should I try to give it a few days to see if the pain subsides?
2. Since Advil has anti-inflammatory effects, would taking a regular dose for a few days possibly up the odds that the pulp can recover by limiting swelling?  If so, what dosage and for how long?
3.  Is there an easy way (short of going back to the dentist) to test if the pain might partly be the result of a high filling?
4.  Under what cirucmstances would it be warranted to replace the filling with a eugenol temporary to see if calms the tooth down?


See an endodontist if the pain gets intense or you cannot sleep and pain medication doesn't help

Yes taking Advil is a good choice to begin and I concur with using it

If you feel a high spot when you chew or put your teeth together it could be a high fillimg

If the tooth is sensitive to cold and not hot then it is possible to use the eugenol filling to calm the tooth down.


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