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Hi, Could you please advise me or give your opinion on my concerns? I would be so very grateful.

I had felt something like a bit of food like a grain was stuck at the back left hand side of my tongue.
I could not see it as it was to far back. I could only feel it when I move my tongue. I couldn't clear it, and then realised it was not a bit of food but a lesion or something.
If i put my finger to it, it was like a rough area like I have bitten my tongue, which i do quite alot, but this seemed to far back to be a tongue bite?
The only way i could feel it was by nearly throwing up, as I needed to place my finger so far back.
I went to my dentist who examined my tongue, by which time the feeling had completely gone?? (I just could not feel it any more)
Anyway he checked it out, and said he could not see anything untoward and  the back of my tongue area looked healthy.
That was about 2 months ago.
Now I can feel it again in the same place? and as before I nearly throw up when i try to touch it as its so far back.
I am going abroad in 2 days and I know this is going to ruin my holiday as I wont be able to get to see my dentist until I return in a couple of weeks.
If it is something serious like a growth or cancer, would it of gone away and come back again???  
I have no other symptoms no pain or anything.
I do have a sore in the inside of my mouth (cheek area) on the same side. This can get quite sore at times, but my dentist said that it is a reaction to the enamal fillings next to my cheek.
This sore couldn't have anything to do with the other I dont think?          
I have a reduced arch, my teeth are quite sharp and I am forever biting my tongue especially in my sleep, could it be a bite? I just can't understand how it went away, or could this just  be another bite.
Sorry this is getting to long winded I'm afraid. I do have gum disease, but this is on my tongue? your opinion would be so helpful, kind regards Sallyann x

Sallyann - It is a little difficult for me to give you a completely accurate answer without examining you, but the good news is that the area seems to come and go.  That is very good, because a lesion that occurs, disappears and comes back again indicates the area is an inflammation and not a worse area.  

Your area could be simply glands that area getting blocked and inflamed.  I, of course, cannot be sure, but my suggestion is to attempt to reduce any inflammation that exists in that area.  You should begin a simple regimen of warm salt water rinses in the area of inflammation.  Do the rinses for about 2-3 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  It can take 7-10 days for inflammation to decrease, but continue the rinses.  If the area forms again, make an appointment with an otolaryngologist to evaluate the area.

I wish you well and hope you are better soon.


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