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I have a tooth (26) that has been sensitive to the following (food, drink, air, at hot, cold and even room temp.).

The problem has been around now for almost six months.
The tooth has been treated by replacing a previous filling and just recently with several coats of a protective film.

I visited a second dentist today (as I couldn't book an appointment with my other dentist for a few weeks) and he concluded that a root canal was my only option (apart from extracting the tooth).

Are there really no other options available? It just seems to me that after a dentist adds a filling, their next resort is a root canal.
Thanks for your help!

In order to need a root canal, I assume the dentist saw something on an X-ray. Normally we ask questions of our patients: does tooth hurt with hot...hurt with cold...does it hurt spontaneously...does pain linger for a while. Next we take an X-ray and look for a dark circle at the end of the root. did you see the X-ray? if you have questions, get a second opinion. but that is how we diagnose things.

good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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