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Dentistry/Double Cut for Infant Frenectomy?


Two incisions
Two incisions  

Our four week old son had a frenectomy performed at the recommendation of the lactation specialist. We noticed that he had two incisions under his tongue where the laser cut. One was at the frenulum under the tongue, but there was also another below that under the salivary ducts. He now has a "mini tongue" so to speak. Is it normal to make a second incision below the salivary ducts for a frenectomy? It sort of look like it was an accident. Not sure if this is normal and if his "second tongue" will go away.



John -  Usually a single lingual frenectomy incision is appropriate.  In  the use of the laser for incision, unlike a scalpel incision, the cut may not be as exacting, but they are usually adequate.  Not being there for the incision, I have to agree with you, but the healing appears normal, so everything should be fine.  

Just so you know, when a lingual frenectomy is performed, the tongue often shrinks back and gives the appearance of the tongue being smaller, but when the child begin to use it more, it will regain normal appearance and function.  The redundant area of the incision should shrink during the healing and make the area look and function normally.


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