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Dr. Tieg, I wrote to you earlier about having a sinus lift on both sides, because my dentist said I lost a lot of bone, and he can't reline or make me anew denture. My insurance will not pay the eight, or nine thousand for the implants, so I wanted to ask you if I never get the implants will the bone reabsorb, or be remodeled, over time, so I could get a new denture? I have been to, two consultations, and one dentist does allograft, and the other one places bovine. Would it be a waste of money to go ahead with the surgery, I don't know what I will do, if I go through this for nothing? Thanks You

JoAnn- it does not matter whether the doctor uses an allograft or a bovine graft.  They both can reconstruct a normal anatomic result.  They both should allow enough bone height to construct a proper denture.  The key factor in producing a result that will last a long time is the making of a denture that does not produce excess stress or pressure on this new bone that will cause an early loss of bone. So the surgery and the denture should be good if the graft is done by a skilled board certified oral and maxillofacial surgery and the denture done by a prosthodontist.  If either is not experienced then the final result might not be as good as it could be.  

So make sure the doctors are experienced and have done these procedures previously.


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