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I recently visited the dentist for swollen cheek and tooth pain. The dentist told me I need a root canal and crown. She also gave me amoxicillin- 500mg to be taken 3 times a day for a week. I dont have time to get a root canal as I am going out of town and the crown is really expensive out of pocket.
The swelling went down and I am in no pain. It's day 3 and last night I had a little pain, and tingling in my cheek. I iced it. Today I have zero pain but my cheek feels like it's cold, maybe light burning in the far back corner of my mouth by the lower jaw bone. I get cold sensations in my cheek that feels like tingles. What is this? Is the infection healing? Should I be concerned?

Hello Jessica,

Thank you very much for this question.  I must tell you that what has happened is the antibiotic has temporarily decreased the infection and made the swelling go down.  It will return unless the source of infection is removed.   This means either remove the tooth or the infected nerve inside it must be removed.  I know that your pain is gone for now but you are at risk of more infection and it's easy to think it is cured but it is not.  So the answer to your question is yes you should be concerned.  If you have a trip out of town the tooth can be what we call opened and part of the infected nerve removed.  This can relieve the pain and help keep the infection under control along with antibiotics.  When you return from your trip then I suggest either remove the tooth or have the root canal done.  The ideal thing is to do the root canal and then the crown because once a tooth is lost it is lost forever and our best replacement is still not as good as the original.

Dr. Karmen


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