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Hello. I'm Patrick, a 17 year old male, who just had his wisdom teeth extracted this past Monday. I tend to worry a bit, so I'd just like to know if all of the following is normal.
Since it's been a little over four days and the pain is very minimal, that means there's almost no chance of a dry socket, correct?
Also, my spit still has a bit of blood in it, and is sometimes very lightly tinted red. Is this normal even though it's more than half a week later?
Lastly, a bit of jaw stiffness and pain when widely opening my mouth is also normal, right?
Thank you.

Patrick - from your description of how you feel and what you are seeing, I have to tell you that it sounds like you are healing very well.  The jaw stiffness is from spasms of the jaw muscles that are reacting to the forces applied to the jaw during the extraction. That is normal and it will resolve within 5-7 days. It sounds like you are past the dry socket potential problem.  Now it is important for you to promote a quicker healing and more comfort. The best way for this to happen is for you to immediately begin a regimen of warm salt water rinses after anything you eat and in morning when you awaken and before bedtime.  Do the warm salt water gently, but for 1-2 minutes near all the teeth that were extracted.

So it sounds like you are on the correct path, but quicken that by doing the warm salt water rinses a few times a day.  If you have additional questions, feel free to contact me again.


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