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A recent visit to my general dentist indicated my bridge is loose.  He also said this is allowing food bacteria to collect on one of the abutting teeth and I now require laser surgery on the gum around this tooth.  The abutting tooth is an eye tooth on my right upper side.  

I accept that I am developing gum disease around that eye tooth. However, the bridge does not feel a bit loose to me.  In fact it feels tight around that abutting tooth.  Do I really need to have the bridge replaced?  Could it be taken off and repaired somehow.  My dentist is telling me it will cost around 3800.00 to replace the bridge which I cannot afford.  
Thank you for rendering an opinion on replacing the bridge and if it could be causing the gum problem even though the bridge feels tight, not loose as he is saying.

Hi Donna,

I'm sorry I can't examine your teeth because all the questions you pose deserve to be answered.  In my opinion, a second opinion is in order.  All the questions you ask need to be answered by someone with no financial interest in your case.  My suspicions are aroused if the dentist  actually said that "you require laser surgery".

I know a second opinion can involve costs.  If you had a dental school in your area that could be a good source.  If a bridge has broken loose from an abutment, the patient usually would be able to notice some wiggle when testing.  It very possible that a bridge that has come loose can simply be cemented back on if abutments are not damaged.

i just think the very points you bring up make a second unbiased opinion necessary.  Perhaps some independent hygienist could be helpful.  I wish I were there to take a quick look, but I'm not.

Larry Burnett DDS


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