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On July 27th I had a lower molar removed. A couple of days later I was inn horrendous pain. I went back to the dentist a week after the extraction, and was told my jaw bone was exposed, I had dry socket. He told me he was going to put oil of Clove in, it would help the pain, that was pretty much all he told me. He then stitched me up. With the gauze packing inside. The fevers started mere hours after. The worst sinus infection of my life followed three days later. The stitches came out a week after, but the gauze remained inside. The hole had swollen to a bubble on each side, a mushy bubble that was bright pink, almost red. There was strings of the gauze sticking out of the small holes in the front and back that hadn't yet healed. I got continuously sicker to the point of having to go to the e.r. I finally got back to the dentist two and a half weeks after the stitching of the gauze. He put me to sleep, so I don't know what was done. When I asked about the gauze they said nothing was there, despite the pictures. Is it normal procedure to sew the gauze in? Was that the cause of my infection? Is he saying there was nothing in there because he knows he botched it?

thank you asking this question nikki.
i am currently managing a case of drysocket in my clinic, a case done in my clinic by my surgeon.
let me answer your question and put things in perspective:
a) no one knows for sure why dry sockets occur. women are more prone to it, difficult teeth develop more often into drysocket.
b) its not uncommon to soak cotton in clove oil and place inside socket.
3) stitching cotton is probably done to secure the cotton.
4) in my place we use fibres called alveogyl.

what and why ur doc did is beyond me... one thing is sure : "no doctor in this world wants complications, and they all bend over backwards to treat such sad incidents"
best wishes  


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