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Hello, and thank you for your time it is greatley appreciated.
10 yrs ago I had a large left lower back tooth which had a root canal filling which had failed so needed to be re-done.
The endodontist put a temp filling whilst i was waiting for my dentist to finish the tooth with a crown. Unfortunately i was moving house at the time so there was no time to get the tooth completed by my regular dentist.
The new root canal was just left with a large amalgam restoration which covered the whole tooth, it was left like this for some time, 2-3yrs approx, then I started getting my gum caught on the tooth, and eventually the area turned white and a little sore.
A few months ago i had a referrel from my dentist to have a white spot  on the roof checked out, by the time I seen the specialist the white spot had gone. However he noticed this area where the filled root canal  was, and said he would like a biopsy.

I told him that my dentist had told me it was a reaction to the amalgam on my root canal tooth. He replied so you have had it for along time then? and I said yes a few years now.
He said well thats fine, if you have had it for so long.
When i went back to see my dentist, I was now worried at what the specialist had said about doing a biopsy.
My dentist said it was definately Linchen Planus, but did say it was inflammed, I said I have had this filling for 10 year, and it was only meant to be a temp untill I had the tooth crowned.
When I asked if this infection could become more
serious he said its possible but would probably be fine, and the old amalgam filling might last another 10 years.
He said there is a slight chance it could become cancerous, but the only sure way was to remove the amalgam and replace it with non amalgam
Do you consider something like this could get more serious? should I have it removed without question? or am I just worrying over nothing?
Dont get me wrong I want it sorting out, but I know it will be expensive, and could really do without the expense, but if this could get serious I would not hesitate to get it sorted regardless of the cost, if it could become cancerous of course I want it sorted.
Is my dentist correct when he says removing the amalgam will remove the problem? or could it just continue to be there or even get worse?
Thank you so much for our time kind regards GeriH

hello lilly,
ur fears are understandible, however the white spot or patch is more due to physical trauma of the cheek coming in between the teeth. changing a filling with another one wont help.
it is best advised that you should get the tooth crowned after making sure that the rct is done to optimum standards.
coming to the topic of biopsy: its fairly simple diagnostic procedure and is used to see the tissue under a microscope(that doesnt mean its cancerous)
relax have fun in life and just get your tooth crowned.
if the patch reoccurs then ask your dentist to refer you to a dental school for further evaluation.
nowadays even cancer can be screened with diagnostic lights without the need of biopsy.
best wishes


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