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I had a root canal on #14 due to a crack. The endodontist said that the crack was bad and a tough choice whether to continue the root canal to save the tooth or have it pulled. I chose to continue the root canal. Since the root canal I have had a temp crown put on. But I still have small pain with chewing or liquids. If the root canal removed the nerve, why do I still feel pain? Should I get the permanent crown?

Good morning Jim,

I'm sorry to hear you are still having problems with that tooth. The discomfort you are having from biting could very well be coming from a severely cracked tooth. The purpose of the crown is to stabilize the crack so it won't move and irritate the gum & bone supporting the tooth.

Your cold sensation is another matter and I may have some bad news for you. When a root canal is done, even if there are problems with the treatment, the nerve(pulp) of the tooth is removed and there is no mechanism for that tooth to feel temperature any more. So, whatever cold you are feeling is coming from another tooth. You can check that yourself with a sliver of ice...touch each tooth in the area, down by the gum, and make sure no cold water reached other teeth. You will find out quickly where the cold sensation is coming from. I would suggest that you do this in front of a bathroom mirror.

As for the permanent crown, it's hard for me to help there. If the temporary crown you have on is well made and VERY resistant to movement, then I would not get a crown until all symptoms are gone. If the temporary is just one of the metal ones out of a box, I would ask your dentist to make you form fitting crown, maybe out of acrylic, to stabilize the tooth as much as possible.

I hope helps explain things.

Best regards,

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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