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The uncomfortable feeling has been there for a week. It feels tingly like a pinch although there is no major pain. It feels like maybe food is stuck but I have flossed the area. There is no pus or blood. Could it be infected or has the implant come loose? Will the crown have to be removed? The Crown does not feel loose.
I have attached a picture, my implants are the left incsicors.

I grind my teeth a lot and have a history of gum disease.


To confirm the source of your discomfort, an xray will be needed. Often in situations of central-lateral incisor implants, there is bone deficiency. Possibly you may have bone loss between the implants if they are close to each other - it is hard to tell without xray. If this is the case, a very good solution is removal of the lateral incisor implant, grafting the enhance the central incisor implant and placement of double crown (two teeth on one implant). Lateral incisor can be safely cantilevered on a central incisor implant, because the lateral is out of occlusion and doesn't carry a lot of load during function.

Another problem could be a microgap between the implant and abutment, which allows bacteria to accumulate and irritate the gums. To find this out, info about the implant system and in-office exam is needed. Usually the problem is not in the crown, it is deeper than that. If microgap is the issue, a good solution is either one-piece implant, or two-piece implant with Improved connection between the implant and abutment (not the standard hex connection).

Here is how one-piece zirconia implants look like here. Copy and paste this link in your browser:

Regarding two-piece implant connection issues, you can do a Google search on the Zipprich study.

First you should see your dentist and discuss everything after exam and xrays. If you need further help, there are a few dentists in London who can help, email me if you need additional information. Best of luck.

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