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QUESTION: I recently had a roll over in a gator, an all terrain vehicle and I noticed today that my mouth was sore so I checked it out and there were scars on my bottom lip area. I have been donating plasma and they said some stds cause mouth sores. I usually overwhelm myself with small things but I cannot figure out what this is. Im hoping it is just scars from the accident but Im not sure

ANSWER: Hello Erik,

Thanks very much for including the photos they were very helpful.  I see nothing that looks like infection in your mouth but I see the scars you mention.  I think you're fine but to be safe it's best to have an actual clinical examination. It's hard for me to tell from the photo but your history of the accident is consistent with what I see in these photos.  I hope this helps.

Dr. Karmen

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Mouth 1
Mouth 1  

mouth 2
mouth 2  
QUESTION: Okay so the scars kind of went away, but these two just popped up out of nowhere. Im not sure what they are but once again, I am freaking out

Hello again,
Please don't freak out, these look like plugged mucus ducts which could be a result of the accident, They will probably resolve on their own.  If not the worst case scenario would be having the ducts removed surgically but this is very rare.  They might temporarily increase in size before they resolve on their own so don't worry.

Dr. Karmen


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