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Dentistry/cavity extending below gum line


How are you, Dr. Mosery,
I came to my dentist to recement the crown which fell from the tooth #21 after 15 years.  She looked at this tooth, x-ray, and said that tooth is a goner because cavity at tooth neck extended under the gum and surrounded nerve. She said she can't touch and clean that cavity because it will be a root canal. The dentist put crown back on permanent cement and advised me to extract it when I will start having pain from infected nerve. Is it possible/practicable first to make a preventive root canal and then to remove that cavity under the gum? Thank you very much for your opinion!

Looks like it's savable with root canal and maybe crown lengthening procedure. However the cost for the root canal crown lengthening and post and crown may very well exceed that of an lmplant. It's a judgement call and you would need an exam for further guidance. I wouldn't wait for it to hurt . Either get it treated or have it removed. We don't leave decaying teeth alone.


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