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I had a root canal 2 weeks ago in rear top back molar. My dentist has put the crown on hold at the lab as the tooth will not settle down. I tried the ice on it and that woke it up He just did the crown prep with the core build up, Inc. pins 3 days ago. The tooth is driving me crazy. When I think all is right the dull ache is back. I was going to another dentist and let her put a crown on that I had an allergic reaction to-it was shinny so it may have been nickel. The table of elements said it was 80% palladium.I was in such pain and burning sensation I got her to take it off. Of course the tooth is stressed over this. New dentist looks at x-ray tells me I need a root canal and sends me to this specialist.He worked on it almost 2 hours. Said the tooth was calcified Said all went beautifully and the tooth would serve for years.No infection.Then the pain hit hard-6 days of it-then it started to settle with pain in the evening.I can bend over and exercise (I could sleep through the night until the crown prep)I am so tired of pain and don't know how much more I can take-Right now it is a dull burning ache.I don't want to lose the tooth because of jaw bone loss.I am sick at heart for making all these rash decisions but pain doesn't let one think rationally.Any ideas would be so appreciated.

Hi Diane,

I'm sorry you are having all this go on. Can be really frustrating when you have a root canal and that's supposed to fix the problem.

One thing you told me is very significant. When you said the cold drove you crazy, that sensation can not be coming from the root canal tooth. Whether the root canal is done well or poorly, there is no mechanism for the cold on the outside of the tooth to be transmitted through the tooth to the nerve in the jaw because at least the top part of the nerve (pulp) of the tooth has been removed. Your problem is coming from another tooth.

You can check this for yourself. In front of the bathroom mirror, take a sliver of ice, not the whole cube. Touch ALL the teeth in that area, one at a time, down near the gum. Make sure the cold water from the melting ice doesn't get on any other teeth. You will find out very quickly which tooth is causing your problem.

I hope this helps find the source of your pain. It's time to start feeling good again.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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