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I have a cracked molar and the dentist put on a crown (a gold one as he said they last longer) and this crown hasn't helped hugely to fix the discomfort i get when i eat hard food on it. He said there's no much else he can do short of a RCT, but he said i can either get that or just put up with the discomfort as he thinks the crown will support the tooth. However he said my overbite is no good and that it is causing my molars to crack. He said the molar above my crowned molar is also "looking bad" and the crown is only buying time.

So he suggested i get braces which will (apparently) fix my overbite and change the pressure points on my molars. Is he correct? Also will the white braces work just as well (I'm quite vain, not sure i want those all-steel braces). Lastly, i have a few crooked front teeth, will the braces have the added benefit of fixing that as well as my overbite?

You've asked some good questions about a somewhat complex issue and you deserve to get answers. However, in order to give you proper answers to these specific issues you're going to need a proper orthodontic evaluation. I can give you some general answers to some of your questions.

It is quite possible that orthodontic treatment can result in a more balanced bite which can distribute the biting pressures in a more even and appropriate manner. There are some orthodontic appliances that are more esthetic than the metal braces. Orthodontic treatment can also correct the crooked teeth while fixing the overbite.

I would suggest that you have an orthodontic evaluation done by an orthodontist. Bring copies of all your most recent x-rays.


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