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Dentistry/Cut upper lip frenulum, what to do.


Well, I got hit by a hard soccer ball on the face (right side), dropped to the ground, and when I got out of the game right that instant, I went to spit out a huge amount of blood. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact I have BRACES.
I'm OK from the outside, just a scratch next to my nose, but I noticed that inside the mouth my FRENULUM (the little bridge between the gums and the upper lip) didn't stop my tongue when I passed through it, anymore... So yeah, it's basically cut pretty much in the middle. It's still there, dangling, but it's not holding the lip as it did before...
I spat out all the blood, got a lot of water in my mouth and spat, and repeat until no more blood.
The cut on the side of my lip is OK, kinda hurts, but looks like it will heal.
I'm just worried that I need to go to the dentist or something for the frenulum. I checked the Internet, and from what I could fine (very little info), it says that it's suppose to heal itself in a week.

Should I take medicine? Should I gargle and spit something? Will my frenulum be Ok? Or am I screwed? I've put ice in there, and brushed my teeth as usual, it only bleeds a little when I put some cloth in the frenulum.

Side note (Day after accident):
I woke up the next day, and when I saw in the mirror, the back of the lip kind of went down when I smiled, it's not too bad, but it is kind of disappointing, because it looks weird... No slurring or bleeding, though, just when I lift my lip up with my fingers, and it's just a little blood.

TWO days after:
My lips look fine, if I touch my moustache area in the center it still hurts, but less than before. The frenulum is still there, I feel it when I move my lips, but it's just a minor incovenience, though. Noticed I can open my lips a bit more, now, haha. Still wondering if it's gonna be OK. Will keep putting a bit of ice on it, or ice cream, plus "gargling" some salted water to clean up to avoid infection.
To describe the wound, it's less red than the first day. The place where the frenulum is separated is yellow-ish, and has a black-redish spot at the end, I guess where the wound close so blood doesn't pass anymore. Also, it's less bloated.

If you have any recommendations for me, and if you think I'll be fine, please let me know. Thanks in advance!

Julian - Sorry to hear about the trauma you were exposed to, but sounds like you are doing pretty well.  There is obvious healing occurring on its own, but you can speed the healing and allow the lip heal better.  Immediately begin warm salt water rinses for about 2-3 minutes, 4-5 times a day.  The warm salt water should speed the healing.  When inside the lip heals, it may not be as smooth.  My suggestion is to just let it heal and have a dentist look at the area in about a month.  

The frenulum may heal irregularly, but it should be good.  

I wish you well and hope you heal quickly.


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