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I have a low grade pain in the upper molar tooth. It's the second counting from the back. The tooth had a "root canal" around 2012 and a gold crown was placed on in shortly.
I attached 2 x-rays here:
1."upperright" was done a few days ago. The tooth under question is on the right side of this image.
2."beforeedno" was done in 2012 before endodontic treatment. I added this image because on the "upperright" I see a space along the root of the tooth under question. This space goes all the way to the apex of a root. On "beforeendo" (from 4 years ago)although I also can observe this space.

My question to you: do you see anything on the current image that can be the cause of periodic low grade pain episodes?

My personal feeling is that 2 factors could be the cause of this pain.
1). The balls of glue (from the canal filling) extended quite far beyond the tips of the canals. And they didn't dissolve from 2012.
2). During the crown setting, when the crown was placed on the tooth with the setting material the dentist quite vigorously started to grind it (for adjusting purpose supposedly).
So the process of setting of the glue material was disturbed and as a result the crown did not glue to the tooth properly.

H Paul,

Before I try to help here, could you please try to describe your pain? Is it temperature sensitive, hurt when you bite, do you grind your teeth, ache at night or when you are under stress, what tends to start the pain or is it always there? Does anything make it better or worse?


Gary Backlund DMD, MSD


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