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I need to have my front fixed bridge replaced. The bridge connects my 2 eye teeth with 4 missing teeth for a total of 6 teeth. The eye teeth had root canal done many years ago,the bridge held up well. My dentist wants to replace the bridge the same way, but my dental plan wants to do an alternative replacement such as replacing the 2 eye teeth with crowns and the remaining 4 missing teeth with a denture,that connects to my eye teeth that will have crowns and that had root canal with wire dentist and myself agree that this is not the way to proceed. Are we correct?

you are absolutely correct...the fixed 6 unit bridge is by far the best way to go. however the insurance company wants to do things the other way because of cost savings...there is a large difference in cost. the problem is that they might have a LEAT clause which means least expensive alternative treatment. this allows them to pay only their portion of this alternate treatment does not mean the best  option...just the lower cost one. your dentist might need to do some convincing on your part with your insurance carrier. i hope this helps out

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