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This is a really urgent question!!

I had deep cleaning done on my teeth about 20 hours ago and the gums at my molars haven't stopped bleeding. Its bleeding so much to the point where I wake up every hour to spit out a mouth full of blood and clots and even nearly choking on it as well. I have half a box of blood soaked tissues in my bin and I'm getting a bit worried. I've tried rinsing with salt water but the bleeding hasn't slowed down a bit; in fact I think it made it worst. How do I manage the bleeding until I see a dentist?

I don't know what your medical history is but you should definitely NOT CONTINUE TO RINSE. If it is localized to one spot you could try placing gauze I'm the area and leaving it in place for 30 minutes don't keep wicking the area. If you don't have gauze use a plain tea bag.If you still have issues get in to se your treating dr.


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