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My current bite March 2016
My current bite March  

Also current March 2016
Also current March 201  
I had 1st premolars removed at ten years & no braces, so resulting imbalance - jaw problems have been ruled out. When my teeth are balanced to my body, (slightly higher on my left and 2nd premolars lengthened to accommodate for missing teeth, I am strong & comfortable. Without this accommodation I am crippled in pain throughout my body. I've been to numerous prosthodontists & maxillofacial  but they refuse to acknowledge a link between bite and body pain. In my life I've had periods where I've been strong and pain-free with temp filling build-ups and splints, but I need a prosthodontist who understands the bite/body relationship and will work with me on my particular problem to do crowns that will be right for me. Currently I'm living in the worst pain ever with a nightmare of crowns that are not functional. My teeth are under too much pressure to withstand over time.

Hi, Bettymay,

Two of my entries are relevant.

1) on pain associated with bite, and cause,1.htm

2) effects of jaw movement of position of comfort and posture

Here's a starter-video:

These articles provide understanding and may be shared with prosthodontists.


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