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I got my upper right wisdom tooth and the one beside it pulled a week ago.when the dentist pulled the wisdom tooth he said it had a third root that was wrapped around bone,and the bone came out with it and a small piece of tissue. It left a small piece of exposed bone beside the side of my gum close to my tongue. He tried to sew up what he could but he said my holes we're so big there wasn't enough tissue to sew up. I got the stitches out this week. Thats when he said that I had exposed bone.guess he tried to stich it up but failed.he wants my mouth to heal awhile,then wants to fix the exposed bone problem.he said he thought he filed it down enough but I guess not. I have been in a lot of pain everyday for a week and a half.I really don't like going to the dentist.after this it may be awhile. I've always had bad experiences with them. Should I even go back and let him fix the problem, was it his fault he didn't see the tooth in my bone,and that he left exposed bone?help!

i would get a second opinion from an oral surgeon...see what he or she thinks of the situation. i like specialists with this sort of thing. maybe you will be told to leave things be and they will heal with time...or maybe he/she will have an idea to help things move along quicker. make the call...good luck

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