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A few days ago I started to experience pain in a dead upper molar.
The tooth has a crown on it.
It started without any reasonable cause. Whenever this tooth hit the opposite tooth I felt pain. It felt like the tooth was not of hard matter (as usual), but of some soft matter. Pressing on it caused pain. There was nothing on the gums around or above the tooth on both sides that would indicate gum problem.
The root canal procedure on this tooth was done about 10 years ago and crown was placed on it shortly.
I consulted a dentist, who found a small granuloma on one root. I was told that the root is not filled up to the apex. Amoxicillin was recommended. After a few days of amoxicillin it got better, and now it fells fine. My question to you - do you see granuloma in the roots that could cause this incident to happen?
I attached 2 x-rays here.

Hi Melina,

I'm sorry to hear you're having this problem. It's a little hard to see the apices of the that molar clearly on the x-ray image you sent, but it does appear that one of the roots is failing.

I would suggest that you get an examination by an endodontist to make sure because the amoxicillin will not cure the problem, it will only suppress it for awhile. If the root canal needs to be re-done, I would suggest that an endodontist do that for you as re-treatments can be difficult for a general dentist to do well, which is why I suggested to get an evaluation from an endodontist before doing anything else.

Hope this helps. Write back if you have more questions.

Gary Backlund DMD, MSD  


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