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Here's my question:
I've seen many times people going to an in-office teeth whitening procedure and come out of it with the same yellow color on their teeth. The only difference is that it looked like their teeth had been polished. What happened?
I want to get real "white" or at least white(ish)-light grey teeth. What should I do? I don't want to spend all that money for nothing. Is there something in particular I should tell my dentist?

Thank you very much

ask your dentist point blank about the success he/she has with this technique. mention your concerns about things not working very well. there are many brands of bleach out there as well as different procedures. personally i love using custom trays for bleaching my patients. we get excellent results as we dispense either 22% carbamide peroxide bleach or 9% hydrogen peroxide bleach. ask your dentist about doing things this way. i was never a fan of the in-office bleaching. tray bleaching has worked the best for our patients. good luck

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