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Hi. I had my lower right first molar extracted due to decay three days ago. In prep for an implant, the Dentist placed a bone augmentation and stitched the site closed. The past two days I have had a very mild elevated temperature of around 98.9 to 99.5, never reaching 100. Seems to wax and wane throughout he day. Also have tender swollen gum and cheek near the extraction site. There are a few whitish looking spots on the gum over the site. I have no other pain or bad taste/smell in my mouth. Not taking any antibiotics currently. The dentist said this was all fairly common and not to worry about it. I was a given no further instructions than what was already given at the time of the procedure. I've been rinsing with warm saltwater several times a day as well as applying Peridex to gauze and holding it over the site two to three times a day for 15 minutes each.

in your experience, does this sound normal?

personally, i do not like seeing a fever. i would contemplate taking antibiotics to play it safe. call the dentist back and ask if he/she would prescribe these for you, that it would make you feel more comfortable. why wait for things to get worse. it is common to have some discomfort and even some puffiness...the fever is something i do not normally see. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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