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blood cp
blood cp  
Male 60, A1C6 on 20 July 2016 but it was 6.5 on 03 April 2016 (this was for the first time my AIC came 6.5 other wise it has remained 5.8 only).
on 25 June 2016, my dentist did resin-polymer restoration on both central incisors, as the result of this I got pain and swelling in right lateral incisor, He said this is not infection rather nerve got exposed and he would save the tooth by root canal and to save me from numbing injection pain he would do this in a single sitting. he advised me to start CEFADROXIL 500 mg twice a day on 20 july 2016 and performed root canal of right lateral incisor on 23 july 2016 in single sitting, while there was swelling, I requested him not to do final filling if there is any problem, he said not to worry, the swelling is not infection but due to exposed nerve and he would only do final packing if there is no oozing from the wound, he took four mini x rays during the procedure to confirm things.  two days after procedure my pain and swelling increased rather then decrease, I took the second  opinion from another dentist , he got done opg and said there is infection below root canal, I should see my dentist, I again visited my dentist on 26 july 2016, he said there is no infection and he is satisfied with result and I should stop even antibiotic and the swelling would go away in two days as its not due to infection. I obeyed him as he is highly qualified and one of the best of town. The pain and swelling gradually started reducing but  On 31 july 2016, I got fever with chills and it went up to 104.5, I immediately started azithrmycin 250 mg twice a day and visited my family doctor he advised blood work which proved bacterial infection (WBC 17000 instead of my normal 42000, the fever came completely normal after 36 hrs but family doc advised me to continue for seven days, today is 7th day. My concern is was this fever due to dental problem? Do I risk again this fever, now apparently there is not pain and swelling on root canal tooth. Please advise, should I visit another dentist and get the tooth removed or keep wait and see approach?
Please also find attached opg and blood work, hope I have not made any mistake in naming the tooth.
Will be highly obliged, as fear is too much

Good Day,
As I state with all patient questions, without
a full clinical and radiographic exam it is impossible to provide accurate treatment.
Based on your information there is no relationship between the root canal performed in July and your viral systemic infection in October.Your xray enclosed is of such poor quality and is not the correct type to ascertain a proper radiographic diagnosis.
Your history with your dentist is not all that unusual for a person receiving endodontic ( root canal) care. It sounds like your dentist followed proper protocol.
My suggestion is, if you are concerned,about the previous root canal treatment, you should seek  a consult with an endodontist( root canal specialist). If you are unable to be referred or find one in your area, I would suggest you go to a dental school where a faculty member trained in endodntics could evaluate your situation.
Thank you for your question. Good luck with your follow up care.


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