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QUESTION: My final question is in regards to my large chin. Would bringing the upper jaw forward have made my chin smaller? I don't like how wide and round my chin became after surgery. I thought bringing the upper jaw forward would alleviate this.

ANSWER: Valerie -  Advancing the upper jaw would change the perspective of your chin, but it might make the upper too large and elevate your nose.  Valerie, what you need is a full workup and evaluation by a skilled board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon.  You should seek out the oral and maxillofacial surgeon who is chairman of the department of oral and maxillofacial surgeon a dental school nearby.  

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QUESTION: So is a genioplasty a better option then? I just want to know if you think my upper jaw is normal? I don't want to go through more extensive surgeries and by what you and others are saying it wouldn't be the best aesthetic result for me anyway.

ANSWER: Valerie -  I would really like to give you that advice, but I would definitely need to see a copy of your cephalometric xray, taken now, to evaluate properly the skeletal relationship of the upper and lower jaws to the rest of the bones of your face.  Just studying from your facial pictures does not give me a complete evaluation of what changes might occur with surgery.

I am not totally telling you that surgery is definitely necessary.  Sorry, but I can't without a more complete evaluation.  

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Lat ceph
Lat ceph  

Lat ceph 2
Lat ceph 2  
QUESTION: Here is my ceph now. This was at maybe 5-6 weeks post op. I also attached a ceph from before surgery.

Valerie-I don't think a genioplasty is the complete correcting procedure.  Without a direct exam I can't be sure if the angulation and position of the upper jaw might be part of the problem.  You should seek a work up at a major oral and maxillofacial surgery department at a dental school.  I am not trying to put the answer off, you just need a complete workup.  That can't be done on the Internet.


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