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Dentistry/multiple fillings and extractions for 3 yrl old



My son is 3.7 yrs old. He is very young and I took him to his first dental apt since he will be starting daycare/learning car in a week.

He has 20 teeth (10 up, 10 below). We were suggested treatment plan on 11 teeth. We were told to do this possibly together in an OR in a hospital.

Like I said, he is hardly 4 yrs old and are all these necessary. Here are the codes:
D2392(4 teeth), D2330(3), D7140(2), D2930(2), D3220(2).
I see the 2 extractions may be required, but had doubts about the rest.

He has never complained about any pain or any discomfort with this teeth ever. I am worried about putting him under anesthesia and all that pain or teethe work.

Pls enlighten and guide. Thank you.

whenever a patient gets an extensive treatment plan like this, i always recommend a second opinion. what you have listed here are extractions, nerve treatments, and fillings. since he is so young, i would recommend a pediatric specialist. put your mind at ease by getting this second opinion. then you can choose the office you feel most comfortable in. and be sure to talk about your fears...the anesthesia and any postop pain. good luck

jeff dalin, dds


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