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Hello, thank you for your time.  I have recently had some precelain fillings and crowns put on in place of some old amalgam fillings that were breaking down.  The one upper right 2nd to last was the only one that really needed to have it done, the amalgam had broken off and it was a large filling so it needed a crown.  The pain I had been experiencing only got worse and I had to have root canal done and for that I went to specialist.  I also regrettably had the the tooth below it also replaced and this too was a big one that also needed a crown and the one behind it (last tooth on bottom right) needed a filling.  I have been in pain for months now, on both the bottom and top taking ibuprophen and now Aleve.  My dentists says that I may be sensitive to the bonding agent and that I can have the crown removed and instead do a metal to porcelain.  I really dont want another root canal.  The xrays I am told look great by both my endodontist and dentist.  I went back to see my endodontist who says that the root canal he performed is perfect and that the bottom tooth may be relaying pain to the upper but he doesnt think that the lower needs a root canal just keep taking meds.  My dentist partly disagrees and thinks that I may need a root canal.  In the beginning I was sensitive to heat and cold but that went away pretty quickly.  The pain I have on my bottom I can actually push on the teeth and they hurt, the one with the crown hurts more that the one just the filling.  If I can push on it and it hurts isnt that a bite problem?  My dentist has corrected my bite 5 or 6 times now.  He had a computer to make the crown and I am really pissed that he didnt take a picture of my tooth before doing the work.  Sorry to go on for so long just very frustrating dealing with this for months now.  How can I know if it is a bite problem?  Would both teeth hurt to push on, isnt that a little weird?  I am afraid that I will have another root canal and still have pain.  The last tooth was a very small filling nowhere near the root the one that may need a root canal was a large crown very close to the root.  Just looking to further educate myself to make an informed decision.  I appreciate your help in this matter.  Thank you.

Unfortunately, without xrays, it would be hard for me to give a truly educated guess.
Occlusion issues can present similarly, but if the occlusion has been adjusted 5/6 times--I would guess it's something else.
I'm not sure about the discrepancy about whether you need a root canal or not between the endodontist and the general dentist.  Typically, we do not like to do root canals on teeth unless it is absolutely clear as to the tooth in question and why.  Perhaps, that is why the endodontist recommended you to continue with pain meds till your symptoms become more clear.  So, if your symptoms have changed since your last endodontist appointment, I would return and inform him b/c that information might change the clinical picture and allow him to make a proper diagnosis.

Best of Luck,
Ketan Amin, DMD
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