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Dr. Amin,
I had a root canal performed on 6/6/06 and I still have a fistula above the tooth.  The fistula was present before the I had the root canal and is still there.  I was wondering when it should go away?  Is there a certain point that I should be worried that there is still an infection?  Is the infection still draining and I just need to wait?  I have had 2 upper and lower jaw surgeries and everything is numb, so I have no idea if the fistula is combined with pain. Thank you,

Hi Katie,
The fistula should close up in about 2-3 weeks after the root canal if the infection has been properly cleared.  There may still be a bump or redness, but fistula could be closed.  Is there pus still coming out?  If so, I would return to the endodontist (root canal specialist who performed the root canal) to evaluate the tooth.

Best of Luck,
Ketan Amin, DMD
Austin Center for Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists)
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