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I had a root canal on #31, performed by an endodontist.  The endodontist removed the temporary crown & performed the procedure.  He replaced the temporary crown (my permanent one was being made).  I encountered consistent pain for a couple of days ~ dull, aching & miserable.  I took Advil & Tyenol, Naproxen 500mg. & Hydrocodone ~ to no avail.  This was my fourth root canal & I've never experienced any pain from them.  

Two days later, I went to my regular dentist.  The temporary crown was not sitting correctly & causing the pain.  Fortunately, my permanent crown had come in & she was able to put it on.
It was such relief!  However, as the day has worn on I am still uncomfortable ~ not as bad as before.  Is this normal, considering everything my tooth has been through?  How long should it last?  

It is truly amazing that a temporary crown not being adhered correctly, can cause such intense pain.  

Thank You,
Meg Zimmerman  

Sorry to hear about everything.  You said it right:  It really is truly amazing how a tooth in high occlusion can become painful (well amazing to dental nerds like myself!).

Anyhow, everything sounds okay.  I would expect this tooth to settle down now that it's not being banged on excessively like with the temporary.  I would keep up with Advil as needed.  As long as it's progressively getting better (over the next 1-2 weeks), it's okay.  If it still is consistently hurting, check back with your general dentist to make sure the occlusion is perfect on your permanent crown!

Best of Luck,
Ketan Amin, DMD
Austin Center for Endodontics (Root Canal Specialists)
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