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I am quite curious and wondering how and why a tooth does not fall out, once a dentist has removed the root from the canal of the tooth?  I ask this because I had a root canal probably about 6 months a go.  I was supposed to go back to have my dentist finish closing the hole from which he drilled & extracted the root.  If my tooth no longer has it's root, how the heck is it still there?  

Also what possibly can happen to my tooth or mouth if I don't go back to my dentist to have him fill in the hole of the tooth from where he took the root (sorry for my lack of the proper use of terms)?

Good question Fae,
Some times our terms can be misleading.  When you get a "Root Canal", it doesn't mean the root of the the tooth is removed.  Ordinarily, inside the root canal space is the blood supply and nerve to the tooth.  When this gets infected, you need a "Root Canal" to clean out the necrotic tissue and bacteria.  So, the root is not removed, but the space within the root is cleaned out and a sterile root filling placed in that space to prevent against bacterial re-contamination.  

I would highly recommend you to return to your general dentist to have a permanant filling placed in that access hole.  The endodontist (most likely) placed a temporary filling in the tooth after he/she finished the root canal.  As the name suggests, it's "temporary" and doesn't prevent against bacteria and further cavities on the tooth.  

The root canal is only as successful as the permanent restoration on the tooth, so you need to return to your dentist.  You may want to consult with the endodontist to make sure everything is okay with the root canal before you get a permananent restoration.

Best of Luck,
Ketan Amin DMD
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