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Dentistry/apicectomy or extraction?


Psychologically I am at the end of my nerves with a tooth problem. I have been prodded touched, probed &tortured in the same area for nearly 3 years &cant bear anyone near it again. I think I will go mad.

It stared with a terrible sinus infection &tooth pain &it was never clear if they were related or not, but even now when my tooth flares up again I get a stuffy nose.
I should mention that I am living in Austria, so half of my problem lays with translation problems. I am desperate.

I have perhaps had 6 root canal surgeries. every time I am at least 3 days in terrible burning pain so much so that 3 times I have had to go to a&e.I have had the tooth permanently filled only to have it all pulled out later due to re-infection
Due to pregnancy I had to have the nerves cleaned twice without anesthetic when it has flared up again. I have never experienced any thing so painful in my life. Not even the childbirth.

After the birth I had a cut made in the gum and a medication put in in preparation for a planned apicectomy 3 months later. Then I was told by the same hospital a week later that I should try one last root canal at my dentist before they do this So I went had another root canal but 3 days later I had the most excruciating pain &back in A&E where they were incredulous that I had had a root canal and a filling on top of a very bad infection. So open it was again for a month then finally some kind of medication was put inside &sealed &since then I have only had a dull ache rather than the endless agony.
Next week is the apicectomy and I am in such trauma about it, especially since it s not guaranteed to work and I might have to have it done again eventually.
I want the tooth taken out but no one agrees with me. I have had problems with this tooth on and off for years . Also myfront tooth sticks out because this side is cramped and is sure it would move back if this tooth was out & I had more room. I cannot take any more & want it over.
I am still breastfeeding.

Hi Chloe,
Sorry to hear you've had such a traumatic experience.  Have you had 6 surgeries on one tooth?  Or 6 surgeries on multiple teeth in the same area??  Also, in the US, when you say "root canal surgery", that usually means an apicoectomy.  Just want to clarify.

To be honest you used one term that makes me suspicious that this may not be a tooth problem, that's the word "burning" infections will rarely feel like "burning", terms usually used are "throbbing, achy, sore, etc."  If this is in conjunction with the fact that you've had 6 different teeth in the same quadrant (area) treated with root canals and related surgies and still you have this burning sensation or the chief complaint, I would recommend you consult with physician--either a internist to start or a neurologist or ENT specialist.

This case is complex, so it's hard for me to comment without radiographs and actually seeing your case, but those are my thoughts.  In addition, if you've found a dentist whom you trust, it's best to stay with that care, so they can piece together your symptoms and history to get to an appropriate diagnosis.  

With regard to the apicoectomy, it's hard for me to comment one way or another without seeing the case.  Apicoectomies are  straight forward procedures, with minimal risks, but some expected discomfort after the procedure for 3-5 days.  However,  I get suspicious when a tooth has had so much work on it without any resolution--there's something missing:  either the tooth has a problem that's not or can't be addressed, like a fracture, or it's something not related to the teeth, which a medical expert can help you with.

Best of Luck
KG Amin, DMD

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