I received a root canal and crown back in January.  Today, I was chewing on a hard mint and my crown felt as if it loosened.  The doctor put it in temporarily, not sure why.  All day, I have tasted a "Dental taste" in my mouth off and on, and my crown did not break or come out.  When I press on it, it goes more into my gum which makes it feel as if it could be loose.  My dentist will be gone until Wed. because of the holiday.  Is there anything I should do or be worried about?  Thank you.

Hi Shelley,
I wouldn't be too worried about this situation.  It does sound like it's loose, but as long as it's staying on try not mess with it.  I would also avoid eating anything that's too hard or sticky, which could dislodge the crown.

If it does come off, most major pharmacies sell temporary cement that you can use temporarily till you see your dentist next week.  You can also try using some vaseline with corn starch as a home remedy to help hold the crown temporarily.

Best of Luck,
Ketan Amin, DMD
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