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Dentistry/Bad taste originating from tooth


heidy wrote at 2007-06-18 14:51:13

It is a long time since you posted this query - I also experience the same thing - I have a bridge - attached either side with a crown. I too get a disgusting taste...I can feel a slight ridge along the gum line next to one of the crowns. The smell of my finger after running it along this ridge is awful. My denstist said there is nothing wrong with the crown...they said that replacing it may not resolve the issue. I wonder if you ever resolved your problems. I would be interested to hear.



vine365 wrote at 2013-07-12 22:07:58
I don't see how trapped food can be the answer here. It seems that professional health people want to knock any possibility it isn't the patient's fault. My mother has been having similar problems and has done everything to keep her mouth and teeth clean. She believes she is allergic to the new materials and wants them removed, but the doctors say it isn't their fault and won't help her. Even the original dentist has brushed off responsibility.


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