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Dentistry/jaw pain after temporary crown


TMJ wrote at 2008-03-24 05:39:56
I know this original question was some time ago, but since I am experiencing this jaw pain for the second time in my life I thought I would write an answer to others that might pass through.  

My original temporary crown two years ago caused this same type of jaw pain for me.  Since it was my first crown I went back to my dentist numerous times to try and file it down but the pain was the same.  I had to rely on taking OTC medication like Advil every 4-6 hours too.  Once I got the permanent crown on, the same pain lasted for three weeks and ended one morning out of the blue.  I visited my dentist for another crown last week and the exact same thing is happening.  I am not a doctor, but I believe the temporary is a bit larger than my original tooth and in pushing the teeth around, my jaw is getting used to this new thing in my mouth.  Once the permanent crown gets put on, my jaw adjusts back into position again.  I know the pain will end soon.  Hope this helps others.

Tara wrote at 2008-05-05 16:13:34
I just had a root canal and like Chris, My jaw upper and lower on that side are killing me. Just like Chris my tooth with the temp crown on it is no longer the issue. The answer to the question did not address the jaw pain. I am wondering if mine is from my mouth being clamped open for just shy of three hours. I am worried there may be permanent damage to my jaw.


P. wrote at 2008-11-02 05:32:41
I also had strong immediate intense pain reaction to having a crown glued on==both the temporary and the permanent.  I have inflammatory arthritis and I know I am chemically sensitive.  Since the pain eventually passed with the temp crown I figured it would be the same with the permanent but I am having more problems with the permanent with headaches fleeing around my head and jaw.  I was hoping to find a little information that might help me.  For now I have been treating it as I do the rest of my arthritis reactions: I do various herb teas and MSM and separately from the MSM some detoxing vit C.  Agrimony tea is especially good for swishing through the teeth and gums while healing but I am out of that right now.

By the way mixing tylenol and motrin will permanently damage your kidneys.  Check with the Kidney Association they will support this.

Diane wrote at 2009-09-20 23:52:04

I'd love to know the outcome to this as I have just had the exact same thing happen to me.  Bad pain!  Living on medications and wondering what to do.  I'm thinking maybe something in my jaw was 'strained' having my mouth open so long to have the temp crown done, but beginning to wonder if this will in fact correct itself as I had hoped.

Dan wrote at 2011-08-20 14:06:32
Sounds like your bite is off. I had the same issue with my temp crown, my teeth hurt and my jaw hurt, with a weird throbbing sensation in the bottom jaw (although my crown was on the top) everything ached, It was miserable. The pain was quite strong, about an 8/10, I couldn't go day or night without a constant supply of pain killers. This went on for weeks and I went back and had my bite adjusted on four separate occasions. After the third adjustment nothing changed and I thought for certain I would need a root canal. But...on the last visit he took quite a bit more off and the pain stopped. It's amazing, if your bite is not absolutely spot on,

you'll get a lot of pain which seems very disproportionate to the cause.

Breezy wrote at 2012-11-08 23:27:17
I had this awful jaw pain after a new crown. Needed to

constantly take Advil even after two bite adjustments. I decided to try Alcis pain cream available on the internet and some drug stores, and applied it to my facial jaw muscles just in front of and under my ear. Apply to the muscles that hurt there when pressed. Just reapply every 4-6 hrs or so for a couple of days and the pain is gone. Awwww!  Can hardly believe it and this is my own discovery!

beverley wrote at 2012-12-13 20:00:24
You might want to consider that it's a TMD (temporomanibular-disorder), and get that ruled out. The temporal mandibular joint is where the jaw meets the skull, a joint that can be affected by a blow to the jaw, or as a result of a misalignment--say, by having it open wide for a while in the dentist chair?


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