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Diamonds wrote at 2009-06-12 03:09:34
To the woman who asked the question:  Did you meet "Keith Lewis" on BPM?  There is a "Keith Lewis" on there claiming to be a former NFL player.  However, he told me he played for the Atlanta Falcons.  He says he's 45 and from New Orleans.  I'm sure he's lying.

keith wrote at 2010-09-29 02:35:55
The Keith Lewis you are asking about lives in the Los Angeles area. He tells people (women) that he played in the NFL and that the younger Keith Lewis is his nephew that was named after him. He also claims to have a brother Kevin that played in the NFL for New York. He also tells women that his father recently died and left him a lot of money that the IRS is holding  (thats why he keeps asking women for money). He has been telling the same lies for years.

Should have known wrote at 2011-01-02 17:55:36
The person you are thinking of lives in the Los Angeles area and tells everyone he used to play football and the younger Keith Lewis is his nephew that was named after him. He is not someone to be trusted, especially by females. in addition to his stories of being former football player, he states he is very rich, owns multiple homes and cars. Then claims IRS has his money tied up. Asks for a loan stating his money will be clear the next week. He is a scam artist.

Marie wrote at 2014-08-03 05:43:12
I just met this Keith Lewis...he lives in Houston now.  Same thing....says he played for the NFL (Atlanta,Denver and Dallas) and that he's from New Orleans has a brother from the NFL blah blah blah. Seemed like a nice guy but I can believe he is a scam artist...we didn't get that far so I can't say anything about him needing money etc. ladies beware!  

Big redsnapper wrote at 2015-01-28 23:57:13
Lol met him last night at bar 5015 about same story said retired player, was coach for texans n now a fed agent for the railroad wtf?? Lol building a house in humble quit my job will take care if me wtf??? N then said married getting a divorce n been raising his daughter alone for 13 yrs wtf??? So glad I'm a veteran to nfl n nba u can't run 1 on me lol  

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